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Smartphones, connected objects, computers, tablets… The volume of data is exploding, it will be even more abundant tomorrow and constitute a value creation lever for businesses. Some even speak of« black gold ». Absolutely, but on the condition of optimal utilisation!

In effect, although raw data is at the heart of business transformation, it is still too often mismanaged or undervalued. That’s where we intervene! We advise and assist our clients in the processing and analysis of their data (Big data and BI). With a key objective: to give them meaning and added value to optimise the work process.

We implement and integrate data treatment solutions (ETL). We also have the capacity to develop specific solutions according to your needs and your objectives.

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Data by Adlere

We intervene at different levels: 1/ Predictive maintenance and quality improvement of your information system (reduce the delivery delay of an application, determine breakdowns that may occur, etc.) 2/ Key performance indicator (KPI) selection. 3/Data analysis to benefit business entities: customer satisfaction, best moment for sales, etc.

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