Introduction Adlere

ADLERE is a consulting and integrated programming solutions company, established in the UK in 2014 and the following year, in France.

Supporting our customers in their digital transformation.


Our areas of expertise: Consulting – IS Transformation – DevOps – Craftsmanship – Agile – Data Processing – Cloud – Project Management – Managed services

Our trademark? Recruitment. At ADLERE, technogeeks and business strategy specialists, experts and juniors work in synergy. We believe: sharing skills and viewpoints fosters creativity. Combining individual talents for the benefit of all in a group performance: ours and our clients. These processes are evolving in the areas of banking, insurance, energy or large retailing.

Our strength? Our ability to show our clients how to generate added value, to assist teams in adapting tools and methods, to implement innovative and pragmatic solutions that focus on the driver we all share: to reduce time to market. To accomplish this, strong partnerships that we have developed with various software publishers provide real advantages to benefit your digital transformation.


IS maturity measurement in a DevOps context, Time to market calculation, instrument audit, life cycle modelling, contentious issues identification, etc.


Continuous upgrading to find a way to reduce Time to market to a strict minimum, patch integration to keep on progressing and continue to innovate.


Integration of tools dedicated to roll-out automation: test automation, data, click simulation for receipts, etc.