The team

Esther Garzon
Référente RH
Walter Persechini
Consultant Craftmanship

People are at the heart of our organization

François Pottier
Directeur des Opérations
Florian Torel
Consultant DevOps
Collaborative performance

We believe in sharing perspectives and experiences, to better understand our clients needs.


In addition to interviews, the applicants will be tested on their skills: Roll-playing, multiple choice questionnaires, personality tests and sometimes language tests.

Marion Le Gaouyat
Directrice Associée
Nathan Alawi
Consultant DevOps
Olivier de Pertat

A friendly and pleasant work atmosphere, encourages everyone’s energy and potential to unfold. Work seriously without taking oneself too seriously.

Annabelle Lambert
Directrice d'Agence

A benevolent and agile management, oriented toward well-being . Skill and career management is at the heart of the concerns

Dominique Debongnie
Chef de projet
William Gravier
Responsable DevOps
Mathieu Keignaert
CTO Adlere UK
Elisabeth Ait Ouali
Directrice Associée
A team, a community at the heart of the concerns:
Adlere, is you!
In-house team: for you and with you
The entire Adlere organisation is built around our consultants.
We often say that we are close to our employees and these are not just idle words! We regularly monitor our consultants - monthly and quarterly. To be attentive to them in reviewing their missions, assist them when they encounter difficulties, work with confidence: essential in our opinion so that they may have a sense of fulfilment in their work. Their aspirations must be in perfect correlation with the opportunities that we offer them.