The Adlere spirit

Our company's riches are our collaborators

Employees well-being, benevolent management, self fulfillment: that's the Adlere spirit.

We make a point of honour in assisting our consultants, supporting them, listening to them, so that they may succeed in their mission. A benevolent management, oriented toward the well-being of our employees. Work seriously, without taking oneself too seriously: another one of our personality traits. In a good working atmosphere of joyful and relaxed surroundings, everyone’s potential unfolds.

We organize events regularly to strengthen the ties between us. Special moments to discover each other in different circumstances. From technical experts to business strategy consultants, the profiles we recruit are complementary. Reciprocal contributions and the exchange of viewpoints are a source of enrichment .

Adlere Events mark an important passage in the life of the company.
Adlere Events are held every trimester (start of the school year, end of year party, spring celebration, etc.). Moments of leisure, these meetings
bringing teams together by favouring exchanges between collaborators,
particularly those who are on mission in clients offices.
Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of ADLERE's DNA.
At the environmental level, vehicles at the very least hybrids or electric.
At the social level, the well-being of everyone is an essential preoccupation (we provide a fresh fruit basket each week, 200 € towards subscription fees in a sports club...)
Adlere was awarded the EcoVadis Bronze Certificate. And we're determined to go further to win the gold.
Conservation of the planet
Carton boxes for recycling allow for the collection and recycling of trash.
We have put in place a solution to recycle our office waste as well as the coffee grinds by a service provider « Les joyeux recycleurs». The company collects the contents of the boxes in our offices and sends them to the appropriate recyclers.
Team spirit
It's the key word at Aldere!
The spirit of sport also reigns at Adlere, through our participation in various events : Mud Day, semi-marathon, etc. and will need you for future challenges!